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Lost At Sea

“Every time you look up at the stars, it’s like opening a door. You could be anyone, anywhere. You could be yourself at any moment in your life. You open that door and you realize you’re the same person under the same stars. Camping out in the backyard with your best friend, eleven years old. Sixteen, driving alone, stopping at the edge of the city, looking up at the same stars. Walking a wooded path, kissing in the moonlight, look up and you’re eleven again. Chasing cats in a tiny town, you’re eleven again, you’re sixteen again. You’re in a rowboat. You’re staring out the back of a car. Out here where the world begins and ends, it’s like nothing ever stops happening.”

LOST AT SEA is about four 18-year-olds on a road trip in the days immediately following the end of high school, but mostly it’s about Raleigh, a slightly shy and weird girl who’s trying to figure everything out.

I guess it’s for people who feel weird and shy sometimes and have bad poetry in their ridiculous heart. I started thinking about it in 2001, when I was 21 and 22, and it came out in 2003, when I was 24 years old. When I wrote it I was feeling pretty internal and vulnerable and I think comics can be a good medium for expressing those kinds of feelings.

If you read Scott Pilgrim first and are looking for ‘more like that’, Lost At Sea might seem like the wrong book. But some people really love it and I am eternally grateful for that.

Lost At Sea is in print and available at Amazon.


Smiling is something that other people do: This short was done for the first Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) in early 2003 and features what might be a young version of Raleigh and her best friend.

Babyfood: This was done the summer after Lost At Sea and is about Dave and Stephanie a few months after the events of the book.

World End Solution 2003 (unfinished): This has nothing to do with Lost At Sea, but was written and drawn feverishly in one night in early 2003. It’s my last attempt (so far) at the quick n’ dirty style from “Glorious You” and “Locked in the Trunk of a Car”. It’s a remake of a concept I was playing with in the late 90s. It never went past this introduction.



Lost At Sea “Sunday Comics”: These were drawn for the Oni Press website in late 2001.
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Lost At Sea color strip (for the Oni Summer Special, 2002)