nicholastesla-deactivated201305 asked:

How did you decide what model of instruments everyone was going to play? Like with Crash using a Les Paul and what not.

Most of the instruments were based on stuff my friends were playing at the time. (except the Rickenbacker; that was just a style of guitar I was coveting at the time)

I played a borrowed Les Paul a bunch in high school and a different borrowed Les Paul a few years later and I owned an Epiphone Les Paul for a while (maybe 2006-2009). At that point I traded my LP for a used Telecaster. So anyway, the Les Paul body was very familiar to me, and it’s always easier to draw something that you’ve had personal interactions with or seen a lot of.

I just got another Telecaster… now I have two Teles…

the-timinator asked:

Hi there. First off, I can honestly say that Scott Pilgrim was the best part of 2010 (I discovered it that year) with the possible exception of Armageddon expo. That's a New Zealand gaming convention. (I'm from NZ. It's a super cool here) Secondly, I want to make a short film of Babyfood. Would you have any advice about something you'd want to see in such an adaptation? Things to do or not to do?

Guess what… SOMEONE ALREADY DID THIS! And they were Aussie…

dungeonmaster11 asked:

Hey Bryan, I apologize for the weirdness of this question, but are you at all a fan of Stephen King?

i devoured all his books when i was in high school (meaning mostly the 70s-80s ‘classics’), and his book ON WRITING is a great read for any writer. I haven’t kept up with his more recent work. I think the last one I read was Dreamcatcher.

IT and THE STAND are the most memorable to me now, but I read a LOT of his books. I never watched horror movies, but I read a lot of creepy books.

However, I have never read the DARK TOWER series, if that’s what you’re really asking.

psyga-rider asked:

The movie was pretty amazing as it is, but if there was one thing you could change about it to make it a little better, what would it be?

I wouldn’t change the movie. however… i created Scott Pilgrim vol 6 after having seen an early finished version of the movie. So, i already used that last book to address some things i felt were maybe lacking in the movie. You be the judge of what those things may have been.

I always look at it like this: the first half of the movie, they got to use my books and build on them to make everything funnier and more exciting. The second half, I got to see the movie and build on it to make the book fuller and more fleshed out. It was a weird symbiotic process. You couldn’t change one without changing the other.

corwinwebb asked:

Hey! Huge fan of your stuff, I'm very new to the whole comic book process. I was wondering if you rough an entire book before you start your inking, or do a set of pages at a time? And when it comes time for ink do you often find yourself altering your roughs or do you get them pretty set in stone beforehand? Thanks!

For Seconds, I’m roughing the entire book before inking anything. I’m not finished yet so it’s an intimidating process. I hope it works out.

For Scott Pilgrim, I switched off thumbnails, penciling and inking as I went. I would do like 8-12 pages of thumbnails at a time and then maybe pencil 5-6 pages then ink most of them then go back and pencil more, and so on. Later in the series, maybe around volume 4, I started penciling a whole chapter (like 30 pages usually) and then inking the whole chapter before moving to the next one. This gave me more of a feeling that I was making concrete progress.

airheadedangel asked:

What processes do you go through when creating a character's personality, appearance, and history?

i don’t have a process for this…

i just make stuff up until it feels right.

when I was young I really liked doing character questionnaires and that sort of thing. I had one back in high school (I can’t remember what it was called, I think it was a handout from a writing teacher). I was obsessed with it for a bit and i thought I’d use it for the rest of my life. But I never did. I haven’t done a questionnaire or character tree or anything in any of my published books. I just start writing stuff down and see what clicks.

I probably SHOULD have more of a method for this — i never know much about my characters’ history and stuff. I guess i like discovering it as I go along, but sometimes it would be good to know more up front.

i’m lazy about this kind of thing….. I think it just bores me. I wanna get to the action.

For the appearance, idk… either I have an idea or I don’t. If I don’t, I just start drawing stuff until something feels right.

For the 2 main characters in Seconds, I knew exactly what they looked like and I just refined that initial concept. For another main character I had NO idea and drew a dozen very different versions before I came close. For a love interest, I knew what I wanted in my mind’s eye, but i drew it and hated it, and then two minutes later I sketched a completely different version and ended up going with that; he changed very little from then on.

I think my development process is (a) organic (b) intuitive (c) slow (d) kinda dumb. Sorrrryyyyyyyyy.

derpthesmurf asked:

Psst. Where do I buy Scott Pilgrim merch?

nowhere right now… :{

after the movie, there was a 2-year deal with Universal (until the end of 2012). Since the movie didn’t do all that well, there wasn’t much stuff made after 2010.

Now we are just beginning to make new stuff… Hopefully we’ll start to have some this summer…

I think they still have some t-shirts at mighty fine:

celfri asked:

Man, I wish I could read your "student work", or its equivalent. The proto era before all of this.

it’s literally all on my website if you click on stuff and actually look around. It is not hidden. Just nobody seems to ever look.