there’s an ask i’m not going to repsond do directly, because the writer who sent it clearly didn’t mean harm and i don’t want to make them feel bad, or bully them, or set them up for mockery and or being bullied, but —

don’t send your ideas to writers you like. because,…


storm024 asked:

Why not make an animated series?

An original animated series is a TON of work. In order to make something compelling to me, at a high level of quality, etc, it would have to be a full time job for me. It would take years of my life.

So I thought about pitching cartoon ideas for a little while. But I realized quickly I would rather my full time job be comics.

As far as specifically a Scott Pilgrim animated series, where there’s an existing world and I wouldn’t have to be necessarily be the driving force behind the adaptation…. I would love to do one in theory.

BUT: since the movie didn’t do well and the rights were tied up, it was unfeasible to make a Scott Pilgrim series during the past few years. Now that those years have passed, it feels too late to make a series (it would take additional years of development). So I don’t know if it will ever happen.

The thing is, animation isn’t my passion — comics are my passion. They’re two different things. I hope you continue to enjoy the comics I make, and maybe if we’re lucky one of my future comics will become a cartoon one day or something.

the-timinator asked:

What family does Ramona have? I realise she has a dad but what about a mum or siblings? I always imagined her having either a younger sister who thinks Ramona is the coolest thing ever or an older brother who beat up her exes when they annoy her.

I’ll tell you when you’re older~

missmift asked:

Do you find it ironic that Lisa didn't appear in the movie and in volume 4, Wallace asks Lisa if they'll ever see her again, and Ramona says "Maybe on the big screen, right?"

Nah, she was really speaking for the entire book in that moment… Right around that time (fall 2007) Edgar and Michael Bacall had turned in the second draft of the screenplay, it was great and it seemed like the movie was going to “go” pretty soon. I was feeling really optimistic about the whole thing so I gave Lisa that line. Of course it took almost 3 years for the movie to come out from that point, but it did come true, just not for Lisa per se!

Anyway, this leaves Lisa free to show up in any future series I might set in Los Angeles……. *wink*