missmift asked:

Do you find it ironic that Lisa didn't appear in the movie and in volume 4, Wallace asks Lisa if they'll ever see her again, and Ramona says "Maybe on the big screen, right?"

Nah, she was really speaking for the entire book in that moment… Right around that time (fall 2007) Edgar and Michael Bacall had turned in the second draft of the screenplay, it was great and it seemed like the movie was going to “go” pretty soon. I was feeling really optimistic about the whole thing so I gave Lisa that line. Of course it took almost 3 years for the movie to come out from that point, but it did come true, just not for Lisa per se!

Anyway, this leaves Lisa free to show up in any future series I might set in Los Angeles……. *wink*

tomb-of-tha-pharaoh asked:

Was just wondering have you read the Battle Angel Alita Series? If so I was wondering do you suggest i go back and read the original series because I skipped to Last Order and alot of references from the first series are lost upon me

The Battle Angel / Gunnm series is one of the first manga I ever read and I highly recommend it. I have never read Last Order (which is a continuation done years later by the same author) but the original is amazing, although super violent and bleak.

lyji asked:

What is the best manga you've ever read?

i thought about this and it’s definitely PHOENIX by Osamu Tezuka. an unfinished story cycle where each volume takes place in a different time period, from the distant past to the distant future, with some recurring characters (like, reincarnations) and the constant appearance of the titular magical bird. 12 volumes were finished at the time of his death in 1989. Not every volume is super amazing but the good ones are REALLY REALLY GREAT and as a whole project it is so deliriously wonderful, even in its unfinished state. It feels like he was only a few volumes away from finishing, but the fact that it points towards a grand statement without quite getting there honestly is thematically appropriate and strangely satisfying.

I guess when I think about it, it’s probably the main comics influence on my current book, Seconds, which is otherwise inspired more by fiction I read as a kid (Diana Wynne Jones and stuff).

iwiththeredrighthand asked:

I also thought Gideon's name was intentional, considering how the letter 'G' is the seventh letter of the alphabet and he is the seventh evil ex. I also thought it was intentional because the 'G' looks like a '6' in the GGG logo, which looks like 666. Also, how each name in his full name have six letters each and that the syllables of his full name (when totaled up) equal six: Gi/De/On/Gor/Don/Graves. The whole thing reveals your subconscious genius and aksfbisfb

kassatea asked:

So I was watching the film the other day and I realised that G IS THE 7TH LETTER OF THE ALPHABET. Sorry J was excited. But I was wondering if I'm going crazy or if that was on purpose with Gideon being the 7th ex and you being a clever bastard.

Honestly I think I did it subconsciously. When I was writing it someone was like “oh it’s like 666 like he’s the devil?” and I was like no and i did the math and realized it’s 777. And I was like wait a minute. That’s… that works. And then I died.

ninjanissie asked:

Today I was with some people at the shopping plaza when our car decided to not start. We had to wait while one of us walked back home to get the spare car, so I hung out at the book store feeling melancholy. I saw the SP color editions and I cracked open one to a random page. It was the part where Scott was all "Everything sucks" and Wallace replies "A child has been born unto us and his name is bacon. Do you smell that? Everything doesn't suck." We really needed that. Thank you for this comic.


caseyroonan asked:

Can you recommend a good flatbed scanner for comic art?

I use a large format Epson 10000XL (for 12” x 18” scanning) but it’s prohibitively expensive - it took us a few years to afford it. I think they run about $2000. Before that I used to use a little 8.5x11 Canon LIDE scanner (which cost me around $100 circa 2001).