incarbonite asked:

Will you be at NYCC this year debuting your new Graphic Novel? It would be awesome to see you there.

No, I will not be debuting my new Graphic Novel, because it comes out IN TWO WEEKS! JULY 15th!!!!!!

But yes, I will be there, selling it and signing it.

here is a rough sketch for the cover of Seconds,

which comes out in 2 WEEKS! (July 15th in north america, from Ballantine Books / Random House)


In the UK, it’s being published by SelfMadeHero on the 14th of August!

Debolsillo has a Spanish version coming out this month (July)!

French and Italian editions are coming in October!

Portuguese (Brazil) edition coming in December!

Russian version coming soon! Date TBA!

theblogofultimatecalamity asked:

So, I'm sure you've been asked this before, but has anyone acquired the film rights to Lost at Sea, and if not, would you let them be bought?

they’re AVAILABLE and i will sell them to YOU for one shiny nickel!!!! have your guy call my guy

hawtlava asked:

Hey! I really enjoy your work. You’re IG is interesting too. Would you ever consider some sort of collaboration with Baths?

yeah, we keep saying we’re gonna make a video game together sometime soon!!! I love him! He’s one of my bffs irl