amberful asked:

When the Scott Pilgrim game came out on Xboxlive I had a Scott Pilgrim party with my friends. We made the vegan Shepard pie with the recipe out of the book and cupcakes with the characters on them. I wish I had pictures of it


pastahai asked:

What was your favorite childhood memory in video gaming? Was there any particular game that gave you nightmares?

barely anyone reading this will be old enough to remember, but the waterfall cave in King’s Quest IV: Perils of Rosella. It’s a pitch black cave that you have to pass through to get to the second half of the game and an ogre or something can eat you. It was so scary.

In retrospect, it was like a black screen and some midi sound effects…

stevien15 asked:

Was the scene where Scott fights the final boss in the high school flashback (rescuing Kim Pine) an allusion to Frank Miller's classic Batman: The Dark Knight Returns? (page 30-31 of vol. 2 in the colored edition). I'm intrigued by this question because I've never seen an artist pull this off so well It appears you alluded to the classic work in a subtle way (yet clear) by borrowing just enough artistic style to make the allusion, but not too much as to interfere with your own art style. Wow,

Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover release plan:

vol 3- May 22, 2013
vol 4- late 2013
vol 5- early 2014
vol 6- late 2014

Note: The limited edition versions of volume 3 will debut at TCAF a few weeks before the book is in stores. That is, the Evil Edition and the Collector’s Edition. I don’t think we’ll have the regular edition at TCAF.

tjherriot asked:

Is there a character in Scott Pilgrim that you planned for a bigger role, but got relegated to minor character status for the good of the plot? Also, have you ever thought about telling a story in the faux adventure game format of Homestuck?

Part 1: No


edit: I was just trying to do a funny answer here but i remembered Lawrence West (Scott’s brother) was going to be a main character in volume 5 until I completely scrapped the entire plot and started from scratch.

sonic-bluths-deactivated2013063 asked:

Do you think Kim still had feelings for Scott when he was with Ramona?

I don’t actually think she has feelings for Scott age 23-24. She sees herself as an adult, but she still sees Scott as the 16 year old kid he was when they first met. She feels for him, she loves him platonically, but she doesn’t want to be with him.

chapelofthechimes asked:

So I watched 'Scott Pilgrim vs. the World' again today, and I wondered... was Todd that terrible at being a vegan, or was he just pretending to be one because his dad made him go to Vegan Academy (and because of the whole 'vegan powers' thing)?

Todd USED to be very serious about being a vegan. The problem with Todd is that he recently became a famous rock star, and it has gone to his head and ruined him, and now he thinks he can do whatever he wants with no consequences.

getvent asked:

Were you involved with the giant Yeti versus the twins' Double Dragons fight in the film?

No. I thought it was cool, though. Edgar told me it was inspired by a vaguely similar musician battle scene in Kung Fu Hustle.

I had another question in here somewhere asking what kind of guitar pedal Scott uses (to generate the sasquatch). The answer is: it was made up by the art team. Not a real pedal.

sirwaddles-deactivated20130720 asked:

Is Kim based off of someone you know? I feel like Kim is loosely based off someone you know.

When the first book came out one of my friends was like “I recognize every character as being kind of like one of our friends, except Kim… who’s Kim supposed to be?”

confession: I made Kim up. She is a fictional character not based on anyone anywhere. I don’t know where she came from. She became very real in my head, but she was entirely generated within my brain.