languishdark asked:

who is your great inspiration for illustrations? great inspiration for storylines? also, how many artistic/creative assistants shall you probably have for "seconds" as opposed to your previous works (i.e. touching up on the art, proof-reading, just helping you out in general, etc)?

Too many questions aaaa *head explodes*

yearlongsummercomics asked:

In volume 4, Roxie says " I hope you and your 24 children are very happy", something to that effect. What does that mean? Is it a reference to her age?

She says 2.4 children. There’s a decimal point. It is a reference to the average number of children per American household or something. She’s upset about Ramona’s slide into heteronormativity and basically accusing her of planning on marriage, kids, a white picket fence, etc.

Yes, I overthink every single line I write.

marce-marti asked:

Sorry, but since I've seen your sketches from Seconds I get a doubt. Are you still inking them digitally or by hand as usual? Regards! :)

the sketches from seconds aren’t inked …. They’re digital sketches. I will be inking them later.



this is so cool, also there are two Kim Pines o.O

Years ago a fan composited this image based on a bunch of old convention sketches I did:

These were mostly 15-minute sketches from Heroes Con 2008. (The Wallace pic was from something else.) Since then, i’ve seen fanart OF this pic. I didn’t put it together. It’s cute though. Thanks, fan.

Coloring process shot on what became the most iconic drawing of Ramona.

Everyone always cosplays this with bright pink shorts, but I originally saw them as much darker… oh well! I love seeing all the variations people come up with — denim jackets, leather jackets, hoodies, gloves, shoes… I love my cosplayers u_u;

m4ge asked:

Hello! I'm interested in cosplaying Ramona's Gideon-showdown outfit from volume 6. Might I ask, where did you find the shoes you used as a reference? Also, what hair color do you envision her having at that time? Thank you so much!

Just forget about the shoes…… you will never find them and if you did they would be a billion dollars……………….