this is so cool, also there are two Kim Pines o.O

Years ago a fan composited this image based on a bunch of old convention sketches I did: http://www.flickr.com/photos/radiomaru/sets/72157605757691660/

These were mostly 15-minute sketches from Heroes Con 2008. (The Wallace pic was from something else.) Since then, i’ve seen fanart OF this pic. I didn’t put it together. It’s cute though. Thanks, fan.

Coloring process shot on what became the most iconic drawing of Ramona.

Everyone always cosplays this with bright pink shorts, but I originally saw them as much darker… oh well! I love seeing all the variations people come up with — denim jackets, leather jackets, hoodies, gloves, shoes… I love my cosplayers u_u;

m4ge asked:

Hello! I'm interested in cosplaying Ramona's Gideon-showdown outfit from volume 6. Might I ask, where did you find the shoes you used as a reference? Also, what hair color do you envision her having at that time? Thank you so much!



Just forget about the shoes…… you will never find them and if you did they would be a billion dollars……………….

I wasn’t gonna reblog this because I wanted people to find it for themselves. But now it has 30,000+ notes on tumblr so…… I guess I’ll reblog it.

This is all I ended up doing with the ‘this book is in black & white’ joke from Scott Pilgrim v3. “What are you going to do about that joke?” was one of my most frequently asked snarky questions for the past year. (The new snarky question is “are you going to make the color pages from volume 4 black and white now?”)

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thenobodyofahero asked:

In the first chapter of Scott Pilgrim Volume 3 Color Edition when Envy makes Knives and Neil leave Julie says "That was Stephanie's brother remember? You know him." Shouldn't that have been Stephen instead of Stephanie?


I have this other tumblr blog, and for a long time it was ‘secret’, because I wanted somewhere online where I could be anonymous. Scott Pilgrim was getting too big and crazy and I wanted to hide from it sometimes, so I would just scroll down tumblr and reblog stuff and zone out and not have to deal with fans or friends or any human contact. It was like some dumb form of meditation.

Anyway, I use it a lot less now, I don’t care if it’s secret anymore, and it’s annoying because it’s my main tumblr account and I can’t ever interact with ANYONE without revealing it. It’s just a 100% image reblog tumblr, it’s not for anyone, it’s not about anything, it’s not interesting to fans, it’s just stuff I like aesthetically (mostly girls, fashion, art, anime/manga stuff, pixels). So I’m just making it public now to save myself some hassle, and i changed its name to radio-x-maru.tumblr.com.


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