generalzaroff asked:

This might seem kind of personal, and you don't even have to reply. But do you know a girl by Mei Lin? She's my best bud and we go to the same school. We went to the library together and I saw Vol. 1 of Scott Pilgrim and said "Oh wow, they have Scott Pilgrim?" And she goes "Yea my uncle created the series." I was pretty amazed. So she really your niece? Again, you don't have to reply if you choose not to. It's funny, because at school we love making comics with our crazy characters.


I don’t have a niece…

corderouge asked:

Would you ever consider doing a color re-release of Lost at Sea as you're currently doing with SP? As much as I love Scott Pilgrim, Lost at Sea resonated with me profoundly and became one of the most treasured books in my collection.

I’m hoping to do a hardcover special 10th anniversary edition next year — Lost At Sea originally came out in December 2003. I haven’t figured out exactly what it will entail. I don’t think full colour would suit the book, but I’m still weighing the options.

herrovanny-deactivated20131112 asked:

I've never lived anywhere else but my home city. Has moving away from home had any influence or effect on your work, work ethic, view of life? Btw your tweets are more funny and interesting than comedians that I follow.

I’m not even from Toronto. I moved there and got an apartment when I was 22. Does that answer the question? There wouldn’t be a Scott Pilgrim if I had stayed in my hometown (London, Ontario).

sipscojoe asked:

Any words of advice for a young aspiring graphic artist living in one of the dullest most uninspiring towns on the face of the earth?

1. Read a lot
2. Make friends from faraway places using the internet
3. Travel when possible
4. Leave as soon as you can, try someplace different
5. But never forget where you came from

reecettothee asked:

Hey, how did you think of the idea of the whole Scott Pilgrim story line and is there ay particular reason why you did it in B&W?

part 1: i am a genius (just kidding)

part 2: b&w is cheaper, we couldn’t afford color initially (it was a very unexpected hit!) — I mean it wasn’t even an option so I embraced the B&W manga aesthetic

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