funny story. when I drew Kim Pine miming shooting herself in the head in the Scott Pilgrim comic (book 5), i was thinking of Simon Pegg doing it, masterfully, near the end of Shaun of the Dead. Then Edgar went ahead and put this in the movie and now he has two movies where people mime shooting themselves in the head and it’s all my fault


Color Scott Pilgrim Vol 2 Advance Sneak Peek

i’m just so thrilled with how this is going that i have to share!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


colour by Nathan Fairbairn. Not final art. Color Vol 1 is out in August; Vol 2 in October. Check the color edition tag for more information etc!

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Bryan Lee O’Malley Q&A for june 10, 2012

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Q. You’ve self-proclaimed how you were influenced by video games, and it’s obvious just by reading Scott Pilgrim too. I just wanted to know if you’d ever consider writing a video game if you got the chance? Would you like to, or are you sticking to comics for the foreseeable future? What genre would you prefer to write for too?

A. yes. I ‘wrote’ the Scott Pilgrim video game itself (the cutscenes & endings), but I would like to help write and develop another game in the future. That is a goal of mine. When i was young I desperately wanted to develop a JRPG-style game, and I guess that would still be my preferred genre to work in.

Q. What’s your favorite thing about Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (the movie) that wasn’t done in any of the comics?

A. well… in the movie, the fights were… good. Fighting was never my focus in the books, and it was really cool to see all my dumb fight scenes turned into fully choreographed martial arts sequences.

Q. How do you feel about the presence and portrayal of women in comics? As an aspiring comicist (Is that a word?) I cant help but notice how heavily slanted towards men the comic industry is when compared to films and literature, and its kinda bugging me. I liked how Scott Pilgrim and Lost at Sea had a lot for both genders to appreciate and relate to, so I figured you’d have something interesting to say on gender in comics.

A. gender in comics: Sucks. I don’t like to argue about it or point out what sucks about it, because it is self-evident to anyone with a brain, and a lot of people without brains will scream all day that everything is fine. What i’d like to do is try to make comics that are better about gender portrayal and change things in my own small way.

Q. Who is your favorite evil ex?

A. in the books, I had the most fun with Todd - he was the most fun in both writing and drawing.

In the movie, i think Chris Evans steals it as Lucas Lee.

Q. Are there any plans for releasing Seconds, Lost at Sea or any of your other comics in other languages? I speak portuguese and I would like to have them translated, if possible.

A. I hope so!!!! Because of the success of Scott Pilgrim (20+ languages now!) i hope Seconds will get translated in a lot of languages as well.

Q. So you’re pretty big on manga and 90’s X-Men comics, right? Despite how shitty the landscape is at the moment, are there any superhero comics you’re into at the moment/from recent years?

A. well… not really. The last superhero comic I remember actually being into was Wildcats 3.0, which i think ended in 2004 or something. I’ve never read DC comics and i’ve fallen far away from the Marvel universe. The one comic i have read recently is WOLVERINE & THE X-MEN, which i mainly wanted to read because I like Chris Bachalo’s art. I enjoyed it. As you know, friends of mine are also working on superhero reboots at Image/Awesome right now, but those hardly count as ‘superhero comics’ imho.

Q. I just wanted to say that I loved how Stephen Stills came out, and that he did so without a stereotypical physical change or dramatic personality shift. It’s liberating in its own quiet, understated way. He’s still the same person, and that’s how it is for a lot of guys.

A. Thank you.

Q. Do you think Scott Pilgrim would’ve had the potential for a video game and movie deal if it was something that became printed through the internet?

A. In 2004 (when Scott Pilgrim vol 1 came out and was optioned), definitely not. In 2012… maybe. Things are changing.

Q. With Scott being your first series, are there any particular things you know now that you wish you did when you were getting ready to start off, character development or story structure-wise?

A. What I knew then: NOTHING. What I know now: a thing or two. Guess what though? It’s impossible to know all the things when you’re starting out. There are lessons that absolutely must be learned by experience. I could write and draw a ‘better’ version of Scott Pilgrim in 2012, but would it be the same? My inexperience was part of the story. Rather than wishing I knew things back then, I’d like to channel what I know now into new stuff.

Q. Fans inevitably ship characters with each other, and Scott Pilgrim is no different. Seeing as how some fans like to pair Scott up with characters besides Ramona such as Kim, Lisa, and even Wallace, what do you think of the shipping that goes around?

A. I’ve been thinking about this a lot for some reason (*coughomestuckcough*). I was a big Ranma 1/2 fan in high school, but I guess I never applied ‘fandom ideas’ to my own work as a starting writer — maybe because I never expected to have much of a fanbase. Only in the last few books did I really start to become aware that there were different possible ships and some people had become really invested in (for example) Kim. To me it was just a simple story about Scott and Ramona, the same way Ranma 1/2 was (to me) a simple story about Ranma and Akane.

Well, turns out i was COMPLETELY EFFING WRONG… i have really been awakened to the world of shipping and without being too fan-pandery i definitely will be taking these things into account for my next series. (Not ‘Seconds’, though, because it’s a one-off book and I don’t think shipping is really very fulfilling if it isn’t for an ongoing series)