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questions & answers IV

Q. I know that the whole Scott Pilgrim story is done and pushed out of the way, but I’m a big Lisa Miller fan, I was just wondering if you had any future plans for the character in any capacity or if you had made a slightly bigger back story to her that you just never bothered to let out?

A. i do have a fondness for Lisa Miller. I hope to do more with her one day. The back story I think is mostly taken care of, but I did find a bunch of notes on the canadian TV show that she supposedly starred in (remember, where they said she played “the town slut”). There was gonna be a scene where Scott and Kim watch the show on dvd (at Kim’s parents’ house) in vol 6, but it got scrapped. I want to do a short comic about the tv show at some point because i think it’s a funny / dumb idea.

Q. Have you talked to anyone about making “Lost at Sea” into a movie?

A. Somebody was talking about it for a bit, but I don’t know… I guess I don’t really see it as a movie, I don’t see the point. It is what it is. I would feel really weird if actors were saying some of the stuff in that book out loud, I think.

Q. What was the first piece of the Scott Pilgrim Universe that you ever doodled / sketched / dreamt up? Did a single doodle lead you to create the series or was there a solid plan from the outset? Thanks!

A. Hmm, I guess I tend to think more in “writer mode” at first. I don’t really get to doodling until I feel like i have a solid idea. With Scott, I had his name first (cause it was inspired by the song), and I spent a few months just thinking “who is Scott Pilgrim, anyway?” before I even attempted to draw him. From there I came up with Knives and Ramona and Gideon, and I realized Scott needed some friends to talk shit about his dating hijinx, and then I needed more bad guys to flesh out a longer story so the seven exes came into it. It took me a year or so to figure out the character designs for Scott and Ramona, but I was working on “Lost At Sea” at the same time.

Q. what is your favorite type of sandwich?

A. there is a deli in LA called Langer’s that makes the best pastrami sandwich i’ve ever eaten. It has coleslaw and swiss cheese and it’s on the most special bread. mmmmm yummy.

Q. Hi man, I wanted to know how does it feel to play a videogame based on something you created. Do you enjoy playing it sometimes?

The first time i played it was with my friend Jared who co-produced the SP movie. It was reeeeeally weird to play the game of our movie, especially in level 2 when you go through the movie set… it was a game of a movie of a movie where we were there on the original movie set too… so yeah. Anyway, fortunately it’s the best game ever. I played it with some of the anamanaguchi boys another time and that was super fun. I beat the whole game by myself later. I haven’t played it in a while because it’s more fun with a bunch of friends in your room and I don’t usually have a bunch of friends in my room.

Q. When you first made Scott Pilgrim, how far did you think it would make it?

A. a lot of people ask variations on this question — “when you started out, did you think you would get big?” Well, yes and no. I think we all have delusions of grandeur. My mom told me that when i was 17 i slammed the door and yelled “IM GONNA BE A FAMOUS MILLIONAIRE ONE DAY! YOU’LL SEE!” But when you get a little older and you’re just working and trying to pay the rent and keep your wife from kicking your ass out, those fantasies kinda go away. By the time I really did start making some $$$ and when the movie started becoming a real thing, it was pretty hard to believe that any of it could really be happening. So, my 17 year old self would say he knew he was going to make it big, but my 27 year old self would just shrug nervously and like hope to be able to afford a house or something.

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Chocolate-Covered “Aunt” Ice Cream (Recipe)


I spent several years draw a graphic novel adaptation of Madeline L’Engle’s A Wrinkle in Time, which will be out through FSG this October, and it was only a matter of time before I made a Wrinkle-themed ice cream. The first flavor that popped into my head was Chocolate-Covered “Aunt”. Ants and aunts both play important parts in the book, and chocolate-covered ants are a real candy that’s always fascinated me–though not enough to try them. Chocolate-Covered “Aunt” ice cream combines chocolate-covered Rice Krispies “ants” with a rich but delicate chocolate cream which, in my opinion, tastes like a classed-up Wendy’s Frosty.

Recipe after the break!

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[2012 appearances] Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Emerald City Schedule

I’ll be at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in SEATTLE, WA this weekend, March 30th to April 1st, 2012. All signings are at the ONI PRESS BOOTH and run about an hour. arrive early!

SIGNING - friday at 4 pm

I’m on a PANEL (LATE SHOW format, it’ll be weird, join us!) - friday at 7 pm (in ROOM 2AB)

SIGNING - saturday at 1 pm

SIGNING AGAIN - saturday at 5 pm

I’m on another PANEL (crashing the BRANDON GRAHAM & ADAM WARREN SPOTLIGHT, come see us chat about comixx) - sunday at 1 pm (in ROOM 211)

The last SIGNING - sunday at 3 pm


wow this is pretty dorky

I wrote this stuff out while working on vol 4. birthdays started coming up when i thought about the fact that i was writing a story that took place over a calendar year. Some of these may have changed in the writing and the thing about Kim’s birthday never came up in the story (but you can pretend it’s canon and shed a single tear). the Knives fact came up in vol 6. the others mostly applied to vol 4.

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Vanilla Vegan Ice Cream

Hope has been working on this vegan ice cream recipe for a while. If you have (A) a high speed blender, and (B) an ice cream maker, please try it out and send feedback!!!


People have been asking for a vegan ice cream recipe for a while, and here’s my first attempt. (And by first, I mean sixth.) It’s a smooth, rich ice cream suitable for topping a slice of pie or an ice cream cone. I’m not done tinkering with it, so if you make this, please send me feedback!

One caveat: You must use a Vitamix or other high-powered blender for this recipe, or it won’t work. A food processor will not work. Trust me on this!

Recipe after the break!

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