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I want to be Ramona, and I dyed my hair blue...but since I'm Asian, everyone calls me Knives! ALL I WANT IN LIFE IS TO BE RAMONA FLOWERS.

YOU CAN DO IT… bethany always does amazing Ramonas and she’s asian as hell! There’s another girl named sirose who does great asian ramona looks too. You just gotta believe *o*

*EDIT* wait there was supposed to be a pic and it didn’t show up. link here instead: bethany’s ramona

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The worst Q&A

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sorry everyone i’m sick today but here’s my best attempt at a Q&A for my fans…

Q. You probably get asked this a lot but what’s your advice for people who want to create their own graphic novel ?

A. bleggghhhhhhhh

Q. I really want to know how you pitched your idea to Oni Press? What would you recommend to other comic book creators who want to get published?

A. bleggghghghghhghgh i don’t knowwwww

Q. Could you tell us a bit more about Lisa Miller? She’s my favorite character in the entire series and I know she’s got a bit of a cult following. Will you ever explore her character in the future? What about those “alternate Lisa Miller” almost cyborg-looking designs you posted? What was she up to before she met up with Scott at the mall? What did she end up doing after she left?


Q. Have you ever drawn yourself as a background character in Scott Pilgrim? Because i think i saw someone that looks like you in Volume 5.

A. blegh i’m all over the place

Q. I apologize if you’ve answered this before, but Raleigh works in the Mexican restaurant in SP Volume 2, right? I just need confirmation.

A. looks just like her
Q. When you just started out making comics, did you have any experience in do-it-yourself printing? I’ve just completed a short comic and I’d like to showcase it at a local comic fest. I’d like to try to be as professional as I can, but seriously, I can’t think of a way to actually print out tons of copies besides going out to Staples. Any tips you could give to a budding comic writer/artist so I can appear more professional and get my name out there?

A. go to staples everyone does it it’s called minicomics

Q. Are you using assistants on your current projects? I don’t recall reading the exact reasoning for using them on the last book(s), but I assume it was deadlines (and the books turned out looking fantastic!). So, do you enjoy that method of working, or are you going solo?

A. i prolly will find help later because i waste all my time writing and have no time left for inking

Q. The alternate film ending (Scott leaves with Knives) got me thinking as to whether or not there were other pairings in the end that you thought were “suitable” - obviously Volume 6 is about Scott coming to terms with the mistakes in his past and coming to “own” them, and coming to terms that he and Ramona might not be perfect together, and trying to get it to work. Do you think it could’ve ended as well with Scott and Knives, or Scott and Lisa, or any other pairing I’m forgetting?

A. OTP ooonnnlllyyy

Q. First off id like to say im in lesbians with Scott Pilgrim the Series (and the movie)! I immediately fell in lesbians with Kim Pine ♡ Would you mind telling us Kim Pine fans about her birthday and if she will ever date anyone because of her personality! Thanks and you ROCK!!!!!

A. previously…