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this bugs me

Occasionally i look at the Scott Pilgrim tv tropes page.

what bugs me is: When do the books ever say that Kim Pine is unattractive?

all you get is SHE thinks she’s less attractive than some of the other characters.

That just indicates that Kim is insecure and/or uncomfortable with her looks.

Like in the page i posted the other day, Kim says Envy is pretty and looks bummed and clearly thinks Envy is prettier than her. But Envy is on the cover of a magazine, she’s a rock star, she’s wearing tons of makeup and she’s been professionally styled and photoshopped. Plus Scott dated her after Kim and it’s confusing. There’s more to it than “Envy is pretty! Kim is ugly so she’s sad!”

Kim certainly isn’t ugly or “hollywood homely” or any of those things. She’s just COMPLICATED. and she’s fuckin cute as hell.

so there.

EDIT: someone already went to tv tropes and took down these passages 9_9

i should mention that i think the SP Tv Tropes page is actually really funny, insightful and well-written overall. I find it pretty entertaining.

funny story. when I drew Kim Pine miming shooting herself in the head in the Scott Pilgrim comic (book 5), i was thinking of Simon Pegg doing it, masterfully, near the end of Shaun of the Dead. Then Edgar went ahead and put this in the movie and now he has two movies where people mime shooting themselves in the head and it’s all my fault