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Here’s some questions & answers!

Q. In the long run, would you ever consider the possibility of being the creator/writer of a television series?

A. I just want to say i don’t understand the point of starting a question with “would you ever…” or “is there any chance…”. I don’t know the future! Anything could happen. There is always a chance. I’m sorry, I get hung up on these things.

Anyway, I don’t know. I like tv, tv writing seems fun / interesting / potentially rewarding, and I know other comics people have jumped to TV pretty successfully (like Ben Edlund of “The Tick” and Rob Schrab of “Scud”). I could see myself moving into that field someday, but hopefully I can keep making comics and feel fulfilled that way.

Q. What do you use to ink? Are you all digital now or are you still using traditional methods? If traditional what tools do you use? // How has the transition felt going to strictly digital on your new comic project?

A. I’m not fully digital, and I don’t think I want to go fully digital… what I’m doing right now is “penciling” on the computer and “inking” on paper (with ink, so I don’t know why i put “inking” in quotes).

I don’t like “inking” on computer. It has a particular look, and I don’t like it. But I think doing roughs and composing illustrations and comic pages on computer is a huge game-changer for comics process. You can move stuff around, rotate, resize, redraw portions and it’s much less of a physical headache (ie erasing, erasing, erasing) and I find it’s gentler on the brain — I can just start scribbling and fix things later, there’s less “fear of the blank page”.

I’m planning a blog post about my current process & tool setup circa 2012, hopefully in the next few weeks. But in short I mostly use a brush (Rosemary & Co sable brushes) and ink (Koh-I-Noor) on bristol board (Strathmore 300 series, usually vellum finish).

Q. i was just wondering, was there any movies/movie characters you were scared of growing up? And why? (boogie man, jason, etc..)

A. I was scared of everything growing up. I didn’t see any really scary movies until later on (I was very sheltered as a child), but I was scared of even non-scary movies. i’m not really a ‘horror movie guy’…

Q. What is your all time favorite video game (series,if that applies)?

A. I think the most important game for me is Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge. It’s an old LucasArts adventure game designed by Ron Gilbert. It’s about pirates and is weird and meta and hilarious and thought-provoking. It was a major influence on me and on Scott Pilgrim.

Monkey Island 2 is now available on XBLA, but PROMISE ME you’ll switch to “classic mode” immediately and never look at the modern re-drawn graphics ever again, or listen to the voices. The game was designed with perfect music and the dialogue was designed to be read. It taught me a lot about comics dialogue, because yes, it is written on-screen and the jokes are intended to be read that way.

Lots of other games have been important to me or just lots of fun, but looking over the whole of my life, that one was the biggest deal. Or maybe it’s just my favorite right now cause i was replaying it this weekend.

Q. when knives kissed scott in front of everyone at the rockit, why didnt ramona brought that up ever again?

A. See, in the comic Knives kisses him before Ramona shows up, and it’s unclear if she saw it (Scott runs away to avoid a confrontation). The fact that she never brought it up indicates that she didn’t see it happen.

In the movie, they lead off the scene with Ramona and then Knives comes in and kisses Scott. Ramona just watches and looks confused. Why did they change it? I don’t know… i guess it flowed better or was funnier?

Q. what was ramonas natural hair color?

A. i don’t know… brown? How many natural hair colors are there really? she isn’t blonde. Honestly, i never thought about it… her hair color didn’t matter to me. because I was drawing a black & white comic. Her hair color is ‘whatever u desire~’

Q. “You’ll always be my Clash At Demonhead!” Ok what does that mean?

A. the clash at demonhead were the first ‘cool band’ that Knives listened to, they opened her eyes to a larger world. Scott was the first guy she was ever in love with… he opened her eyes to a larger world too… get it?

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