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Bryan Lee O’Malley Q&A for August 10, 2012

I haven’t done one of these in a while… :0

Q. You…You’re just great.


Q. I love the Scott Pilgrim game but it makes me sadface that I have to borrow seldom-seen friends’ systems for it. Ohhh if only it was released on Steam! :( *hinthint*

A. I don’t have any control over this. Write to your local senator or MP. Or maybe write to Ubisoft, the game developer/publisher.

Q. Bryan you are AWESOME! Just wanted to say that :D

A. NO… YOU!!!

Q. I’m sure you’ve probably answered this somewhere already but I’m having a hard time finding it if you have. What is Ramona’s natural hair color and what compels her to change it so often?

A. Nobody knows her natural hair color. Ramona may not even remember. She changes it a lot because she’s trying to figure out who she is / who she wants to be.

Q. Is there anything extra you can tell us about Young Neil’s family, his relationship with Steph, etc.?

A. Well, the idea is that Stephanie Nordegraf was Stephen Stills’s roommate in college, then she moved to another town for continued education, and her little brother ended up taking her room (and her place in the circle of friends). That’s about as far as I thought it through. It was really just an explanation for why they’d have a younger friend, and this sister/roommate setup was based on an IRL friend.

Q. Hi, so just to make sure, you are definitely going to be at comic con in new york, right?

A. Yes I am, I already booked my tickets & hotel (and we’ll have Scott Pilgrim Color Vol 2 in Evil and Collector’s Editions).

Q. I was extremely curious about your art style. Wikipedia not being much help, I figured coming to you was the next best thing. Any help/advice/links/etc. would be appreciated. Thanks! ^.^

A. This isn’t really a question, so I guess I’m extremely curious as to what you actually want to know. I just draw the way I draw, it evolved over time — I don’t know what else I can tell you. There isn’t a tutorial on how to be me!!!!

Q. Do you think there will ever be a sci-fi miniseries adaptation of Scott Pilgrim, or something similar?

A. Ummm, I doubt it. Sorry!!

Q. I was wondering if there could be any shot of having a Scott Pilgrim anime/show that’s tied in very closely to the original comics? I can understand issues with finding a place to play it due to some of the R-rated dialogue and scenes (why not Adult Swim), but, could it happen?

A. Ummmmm, I guess it’s possible, but it seems unlikely right now. Maybe someday.

Q. If I foresee that the two main characters in Seconds are a lesbian couple, am I going too far?

A. Yes, you are going too far.

Q. This has probably been asked before, but is there any sort of tallest-smallest height chart thing for the Scott Pilgrim characters?

A. I did one very early (I think it’s reprinted in the Color Scott Pilgrim Vol 1 that just came out) but it’s not really canon, and I never did one again, and the heights were always very inconsistent. Knives is short. Kim and Lisa are medium. Ramona is supposed to be tallish (5’8” or 5’9”), Scott is a little taller than Ramona. Wallace is a little taller than Scott. The rest was always kinda vague. I didn’t pay enough attention to it.

Q. Ok, so I’m in my late teens and aspiring to be many different things(film maker, Novelist, /graphic novelist/, musician…) But it seems like I can’t even be consistent to any one of those. It’s like I can’t stop from slacking off from it all. You at least seem to find time for reading, playing video games, making music as kupek, working on your graphic novels, attending comic cons/events, having a social life, and who knows what else. How do you manage that?

A. I don’t know your life. I don’t know your brain. But I hope at some point any creative person gets out of school / teens and realizes they have to buckle down and do some real work if they want to make this life happen. It’s hard to imagine now, but in my early 20s yes, I juggled drawing graphic novels, being in a band, recording my solo music, having friends, being in a long distance relationship, taking on small jobs to pay the rent, etc etc. All I can say is, when you’re in your early 20s you don’t usually need a lot of sleep or have a shit ton of serious responsibilities, and you should take advantage of that fact. I don’t feel like I was all that hard-working or diligent but I was at least kinda hard working and kinda diligent, and maybe that’s all it takes. That and believing in yourself.

Q. I had a lot of fun participating in the AltRamona contest. (And your lineart is great coloring practice after the fact!) Since it had such a good turnout, do you see yourself having any more art/coloring contests in the future?

A. Yes! I had a lot of fun running the contest and I hope to have a creativity-based contest for each new volume (special editions). And PS, if you’re a winner, I’m hoping to send the prizes out early next week. Sorry for the delay.

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