hipsterpirate asked:

Bryan, I'm the 'madman' who made the picture containing all the Scott Pilgrim itembox messages, and the reason was, I just want to know what the font is. Also, the font for when Scott goes to his job and it says 'WORK' across the page, which is also used in book 6 I think when he's riding on the top of the bus, what font is that? The kind of digital arcade/video game one? You posted my picture, so please answer! Please! I'm on my hands and knees begging (you can't see but trust me I am!) Please!

ok. Listen up.

The font for all the small captions (ie RATING: AWESOME, 17 YEARS OLD, etc) in both the books & movie is Swiss 721 Bold Condensed. Sometimes in later books I used the regular weight and italics too.

The blocky pixel font used in book 4 and later is called M04 FATAL FURY.

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