marionette-inveigler-deactivate asked:

let's say that you were to return to the scott pilgrim universe, would you be telling the story of an already established character like Lisa or Kim, or would you be telling the story of a new character which just happens to be in the same universe?

To be perfectly honest, I thought of a way to continue / expand the story of Scott and Ramona. I don’t know if I’ll ever do it, and I can’t tell you what it is, but I thought of a pretty good way. It would pick up the “main” storyline a couple of years later, and incorporate all the main characters (minus the evil ex-boyfriends and Gideon).

A creator can’t help but think about these things sometimes.

Like I’ve said before, after I finish my current graphic novel Seconds I’m planning to start a brand-new series that I’m very excited about, but maybe in a few years I’d think about playing with Scott Pilgrim some more.

PS I forgot to address the other part of the question: a new character in the same universe? I don’t think of it as a ‘universe’ — it’s just the world as seen from Scott’s point of view. Without Scott at the center, it would be a different universe!!!

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