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Where do you get your inspiration for your characters outfits? I always have had a problem trying to get outfits going for my characters.

I spend a good deal of time looking at clothes. This has evolved over the years, but lately what I tend to do is go on once in a while and spot some people with good style and just bookmark them and keep up with how they’re dressing as the seasons go by.

I used to spend a lot more time browsing catalogue sites and online shops but these days it’s easy to find people actually wearing & combining clothes, which is what you really want anyway.

I think directly stealing an outfit from one of these people would be kinda rude, but you start to get a sense for what’s current re: shapes and silhouettes and colors and patterns, then you can extrapolate your own ideas out of them. Also of course each character you create has to have their own “fashion personality”. So i guess what I’m saying is any cartoonist should be like me and spend way too much time thinking about clothes.

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