cutesturbing asked:

Did you know Emily Haines before you wrote the character based on her?

The character in question is Envy Adams. I would conclusively say Envy is NOT based on Emily Haines; I’d say I partly drew inspiration from the ‘character’ of Emily Haines as a performer. Envy’s character was inspired by plenty of other things too!

No, I didn’t know Emily Haines at the time of writing the books, and I still don’t know her — I think I met her twice, briefly, when we were doing the movie. I’m a big fan of her and Metric.

I did use pictures of Emily Haines as reference for some drawings of Envy performing in Scott Pilgrim Vol 3 (Infinite Sadness). But I want to emphasize that Envy’s personality isn’t remotely based on Emily Haines because I have NO idea what Emily Haines is like in real life because I don’t know Emily Haines.

It’s probably pretty easy for fans to imagine me and Emily Haines being old friends or something, but like a billion zillion people live in Toronto and I never knew a single one of them, ever, because I am a shy cartoonist who never goes anywhere or does anything.

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