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Back in 2010 when TellTale got the rights to make games based off Back to the Future and Jurassic Park. You made the joke that Scott Pilgrim was also acquired, now recently I've been thinking about the concept of SP being a point'n'click. Would you be for or against the idea if someone approached you to make it and what are some of the comics elements that you think would work well within the genre? P.s Big fan of Lost at Sea and I'm really looking forward to Seconds when it is finished.


Telltale really did pitch for Scott Pilgrim in 2010 — they wanted to do a game. I turned it down. Sorry. I am a big big point n click adventure game fan (Monkey Island 2 is probably my all-time favorite game), but I couldn’t picture SP in that genre. We were working on the beat-em-up game at the time, and I wanted to focus on that.

I still can’t see how SP would work as an adventure game. I mean, I feel like it’d be a stretch.

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