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Not really a question, but just a quick note - WOW, "Green Futures of Tycho". I have never met another person who's even heard of that. Okay, now I will ask a question - ever read "Archer's Goon"? That's another YA novel I read many, many years ago that nobody I know has ever read.

yes - Diana Wynne Jones is (was, she’s passed on now) one of my all-time favorite authors. She also notably wrote “Howl’s Moving Castle” which was made into a film by Miyazaki. Her work, especially the Chrestomanci books, are a huge influence on me and on my next book Seconds.

Here are five of my favorites:

Time of the Ghost
Charmed Life
Witch Week
Conrad’s Fate
House of Many Ways (fantastic recent sequel to Howl’s Moving Castle)

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