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CONTEST. #RamonaStyle

This is a tumblr drawing contest. For fun.

(If you can’t/don’t draw, I apologize, but I just want to try this out; I’ll hold a broader contest in a few months when Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Volume 3 is coming out.)


1. Draw Ramona Flowers in your own style (ie don’t copy “scott pilgrim style”, but if your style is similar, that’s fine)

2. Put her in an outfit of your own invention (ie not one from the books or movie; it can be real-life clothes; it doesn’t have to be completely made-up; you just have to put her in something I haven’t seen her in before)

3. (OPTIONAL) Give her a unique hairstyle!

4. BUT… she has to be recognizable as Ramona Flowers! If I don’t recognize her, you will be disqualified!! (tips: her choker, star bag, goggles, her general sense of style, etc

5. Draw it, put it on your tumblr, tag it! TAG: #RamonaStyle


This has to be a drawing — 2D hand-drawn artwork. Lines and/or shapes and/or colors. No sculpture, collage, photo manipulation, essays, animation, 3D renderings, etc. Paint is fine. Computer drawings are fine.

You have to have your own tumblr account and use it to post your entry.

EDITED TO ADD: You must draw a full length portrait of Ramona Flowers from head to toe. An “outfit” in this case includes shoes (or socks, bare feet, whatever; show her full body).

The contest is open to anyone in the world ages 13 and up.

Enter as many times as you want.


I want to give out a few Scott Pilgrim Volume 2 Evil Editions (the Lucas Lee cover) since I never got to do a contest around the release of that book. I also have a bunch of other random stuff lying around, like super cool Japanese and other foreign editions of the books, miscellaneous swag, random original drawings, etc. I will put together a cute personal prize pack for 3 WINNERS.

Winners will be chosen entirely at my discretion and based on style, originality, fun factor, and Ramona-ness.


One week from today - let’s call it THE DAWN OF WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 16th in case you’re on the other side of the planet from me. Final winners will be posted on FRIDAY, JANUARY 18th.


I am running this contest all by myself while also attending to the rest of my super-busy life, so bear that in mind. I know a lot of people will instantly ask me a bunch of questions, but I want you to try and take the information in this post and try to proceed based on what you already know! If you’re confused about anything, make up your own rules!!!

And…… have fun!!!


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