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Seeing as people now use 'hipster' to describe virtually any subgroup they dislike, what did it mean in 2003 when you first used it?

In 2003 in Toronto the word “scenester” was tossed around a lot and I understood it to mean “a person who goes to shows and parties all the time and is fashionable and cool but probably shallow because all they do is go to shows and parties and work hard at looking fashionable and cool.”

In my early notes fro Scott Pilgrim vol 1 I indicated that Knives was going to attempt to morph into a “scenester chick” after meeting Scott (because that’s what she thinks he wants). As I wrote the actual book this evolved more into her being inspired & influenced by Kim and Ramona, the older, cooler girls.

In the actual book, I used the word “hipster” which came to replace “scenester” in 2004 — the “demon hipster chicks” are just supposed to be fashionable party girls who are demons. It’s more of a visual description than anything, and I thought the phrase “demon hipster chicks” was funny.

Scott Pilgrim the series was neither skewering nor celebrating “hipster culture”. I have always ignored the term. It started as a catch-all term for silly young people dressing funny and listening to the indiest music they could find, and was eventually co-opted by the wider culture as a social slur. “Hipster” is now almost exclusively a hateful term. Nobody should ever use it. It has become a bad word.

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