I have this other tumblr blog, and for a long time it was ‘secret’, because I wanted somewhere online where I could be anonymous. Scott Pilgrim was getting too big and crazy and I wanted to hide from it sometimes, so I would just scroll down tumblr and reblog stuff and zone out and not have to deal with fans or friends or any human contact. It was like some dumb form of meditation.

Anyway, I use it a lot less now, I don’t care if it’s secret anymore, and it’s annoying because it’s my main tumblr account and I can’t ever interact with ANYONE without revealing it. It’s just a 100% image reblog tumblr, it’s not for anyone, it’s not about anything, it’s not interesting to fans, it’s just stuff I like aesthetically (mostly girls, fashion, art, anime/manga stuff, pixels). So I’m just making it public now to save myself some hassle, and i changed its name to radio-x-maru.tumblr.com.

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