"Did you change your hair?"


I did these last year when I was prepping for the color editions… the only one we didn’t use is the reddish-orangey color, because it conflicted with Envy in that book. Instead she stays pink for the first two and goes dark purple in book 3. The rest will probably proceed on course…


Our screenplay is now available as a free download.

This is not a “shooting script” conformed to the final picture, it’s actually the final draft of the script we went into production with, and differs from the final film in many respects, which are hopefully more interesting than annoying.


LOOPER, my favorite movie of 2012 — if you haven’t seen it, don’t read this screenplay until you do. If you have seen it, this is a wonderful gift from Rian Johnson.

nps160-deactivated20130603 asked:

When will you be in the UK next?



edit: We (Hope Larson & I) have already announced a signing at Page 45 (in Nottingham) on December 9th. That is set. London details are not yet set. Those will be the only two stops, so plan on one if you want to see me!!!


Seconds is my next book. It is planned to be released next summer (2013). In celebration of the negative-one-year anniversary of the book, Random House and I have put together this exclusive print. It is a lovely 9”x12” art print on heavy cardstock paper.

How to get this item at San Diego Comic Con 2012:

1. Hurry to the Random House booth (#1515) on FRIDAY MORNING.
2. Pick up a ticket for a Seconds print (LIMITED TO 100 FOR FRIDAY!)
3. Return FRIDAY 4 PM to pick up your Seconds print and have it signed by meeee!

1. Hurry to the Random House booth (#1515) on SATURDAY MORNING.
2. Pick up a ticket for a Seconds print (LIMITED TO 100 FOR SATURDAY!)
3. Return SATURDAY 1 PM to pick up your Seconds print and have it signed by meeee!

THAT’S IT! 200 prints only and you have to get one on Friday or Saturday! (THEY’RE FREE, THOUGH!)

This print was colored by Kristen Faber (cosmicheart on tumblr).
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[2012 appearances] Bryan Lee O’Malley’s Emerald City Schedule

I’ll be at EMERALD CITY COMIC CON in SEATTLE, WA this weekend, March 30th to April 1st, 2012. All signings are at the ONI PRESS BOOTH and run about an hour. arrive early!

SIGNING - friday at 4 pm

I’m on a PANEL (LATE SHOW format, it’ll be weird, join us!) - friday at 7 pm (in ROOM 2AB)

SIGNING - saturday at 1 pm

SIGNING AGAIN - saturday at 5 pm

I’m on another PANEL (crashing the BRANDON GRAHAM & ADAM WARREN SPOTLIGHT, come see us chat about comixx) - sunday at 1 pm (in ROOM 211)

The last SIGNING - sunday at 3 pm

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I don’t have a book out this year so I’m not traveling too much but here’s what I have booked so far………….

Emerald City Comic Con, Seattle, WA, USA, March 30-April 1, 2012

TCAF (Toronto Comic Arts Festival), Toronto, ON, Canada, May 5-6, 2012

San Diego Comic Con International, San Diego, CA, USA, July 12-15, 2012

New York Comic Con, New York City, NY, USA, October 11-14, 2012


Ramona Flowers, vol 6 style, feb 29 2012

cosplayers often ask me what color this outfit was supposed to be. this is how I see it… today. i’d probably color it differently a week from now. I like when cosplayers use their imagination and surprise me, anyway.

people always ask me why she has a band-aid, too: the real reason is “because then you can tell her legs are bare” (as opposed to wearing tights or something). That’s real black & white comics thought process, kids!