Chris Evans, Jason Schwartzman, Kieran Culkin, Ellen Wong, Anna Kendrick, Michael Cera, director Edgar Wright, Aubrey Plaza, Alison Pill, Bryan Lee O’Malley & Brandon Routh at the Premiere of ‘Scott Pilgrim vs. the World’

I don’t think I’ve ever even seen this photo. This is the London premiere. And it’s mislabeled… they forgot Satya, and Mary (tall and hidden behind Edgar, she was wearing colossal heels), and Brie Larson (beside me), and Michael Bacall (at far right). And they listed Aubrey Plaza, but she isn’t in it.

After this premiere we all went to Chris Evans’s apartment (he was shooting Captain America in London at the time) and stayed up until 5 am giggling like schoolgirls. Kinda the end of an era. I think the date was August 18, 2010.