here’s a t-shirt i did for my friend Joel MacMillan’s new restaurant, in Toronto, which he’s in the process of opening. (he has been the chef at a really cool place called Zocalo in the Junction and now he’s starting his own place!)

They will be doing a kickstarter campaign (or something) where you’ll be able to get this shirt!!

i’ll let you know when it’s available! this is just a teaser!


panel from strawberries w/ the colors we hope to print them in

we have 12 days left and hecka money left to print this book, so please help out and spread the word. xoxoxoxo

(those are salome glasses from a-morir. draw what you can’t buy)

It would be cool if you contributed to this indie comics project. Mia Schwartz (dangerschwartz on tumblr) is one of my favorite young cartoonists and I want to read more of her work.