27th? September 27th? HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SCOTT PILGRIM!

Size: XL | Fabric: 100% Combed Cotton | Made by / in: American Apparel / Downtown LA
Had Since: 2011 | Price: $18 | Times Worn: ~6?

In case you’re just joining us, I feel obligated to mention that I’ve been building up to

ATTN TO THIS GUY: The 4-and-a-half shirt is a canon Fantastic Four shirt worn by Franklin Richards in the 80s in the pages of Power Pack, Fantastic Four and the FF Vs X-Men limited series. He’s Reed & Sue’s little kid and they gave him the shirt so he’d feel like part of the team. I believe the art in the movie version came from Marvel. I did not draw that one. (Edgar was able to get some of these Marvel clearances, including the X-patch, because of his Ant-Man connection.)