BATTLE ROYALE poster by Bryan Lee O’Malley & Kevin Tong

Battle Royale SCREENING saturday february 16 in Houston TX - tickets here!

Ticket comes with one of these limited edition prints. They are full movie poster sized screenprinted art objects! (24” x 36”)

ALSO apparently via you can set up a screening in your own town and get the art print too! More info here.

Thanks to Mondo, Alamo Drafthouse and Tugg for making this possible and to Kevin Tong for doing the color work on this beast.

ADDED: The screening is now a double feature of BATTLE ROYALE & SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD for the same ticket price


Our screenplay is now available as a free download.

This is not a “shooting script” conformed to the final picture, it’s actually the final draft of the script we went into production with, and differs from the final film in many respects, which are hopefully more interesting than annoying.


LOOPER, my favorite movie of 2012 — if you haven’t seen it, don’t read this screenplay until you do. If you have seen it, this is a wonderful gift from Rian Johnson.