"Did you change your hair?"


I did these last year when I was prepping for the color editions… the only one we didn’t use is the reddish-orangey color, because it conflicted with Envy in that book. Instead she stays pink for the first two and goes dark purple in book 3. The rest will probably proceed on course…

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#RamonaStyle Contest CLOSES

As of this post going up, the RamonaStyle Contest is OVER!

Anything that comes up after this post in the #RamonaStyle tag will not qualify.

I already have 50+ entries just on my shortlist, so it’s gonna be hard to pick! So many great ones! Thanks to everyone who’s been submitting drawings!!!! Winners will be announced on Friday!!!!!

Obviously not everyone can win, but I plan to pick out a bunch of my favorites and repost them this weekend along with my comments.