I got my first tattoo yesterday!

This is the Ghost Bro, originally drawn by Mia Schwartz for a tee design for me, but this particular one was drawn by Bryan Lee O’Malley for me to christen a sketchbook of mine last July. It was a quick sketch, but I had the tattoo artist copy it exactly. 

The day that this was drawn for me was the day my van was stolen. I had essentially lost everything - my business’ entire inventory was in the back of the van, and it had all been stolen (and later abandoned, empty and stripped, that same day, but I wouldn’t find that out for another week). Meeting Bryan Lee O’Malley (and his wife, Hope Larson) was pretty much the first really nice thing that happened to me on what was arguably a pretty crappy day (other than Mike of Two Rabbits buying me breakfast).  

On this same day I decided to put together a Kickstarter to get my business going again, to churn out a ton of new designs, and to get back to work by any means necessary. Long story short, it worked, thanks in no small part to the support of all of you, and artists like Bryan, Ashley Davis, and Chad Manzo, who donated tee designs for no other reason than to be nice and help out someone who was at their lowest point. 

So, this isn’t just a Mia Schwartz tattoo, or a Bryan Lee O’Malley tattoo (even though they both are great people, and I’m proud to have worked with them) - this is a reminder of everything amazing that came out of something terrible, of all of you who’ve supported me, and a reminder to keep working hard and to not give up. 

Also, corniness aside, it just looks cool. Please don’t mention it on my Facebook, though - I need to be the one that tell’s Kate’s mom (who is vehemently anti-tattoo).

Tattoo was done by Courtney at Black & Blue Tattoo in San Francisco; the place was super chill and the whole experience was A+, would do it again. 

feels like i collabed with Mia on david’s body thru the magic of magic