From the eight-page color section of Scott Pilgrim Volume 4. Colors by Steve Buccellato.

I got Steve to do the colors partly because he colored the early issues of Chris Bachalo on GENERATION X, a comic I was seriously obsessed with in my teen years. Steve is amazing!

Will we change the colors for the new full-color version? I don’t know yet. We’re still finishing up volume 2 and just getting started on volume 3.

panel from Scott Pilgrim Gets It Together, 2007

i think this panel is cute and funny…

in the movie, Kim’s line is taken out of context and is just a weird quip, but here it grows naturally out of the situation. i also like the repetition — she is verifying that she would indeed punch Scott’s life in the face. Scott is cheerfully oblivious and cocky about his undeserved job.

i’m looking forward to going back through this book to make the color edition! i just started working on volume 3, probably my least favorite… volume 4 is probably my favorite.