here’s a t-shirt i did for my friend Joel MacMillan’s new restaurant, in Toronto, which he’s in the process of opening. (he has been the chef at a really cool place called Zocalo in the Junction and now he’s starting his own place!)

They will be doing a kickstarter campaign (or something) where you’ll be able to get this shirt!!

i’ll let you know when it’s available! this is just a teaser!



this is so cool, also there are two Kim Pines o.O

Years ago a fan composited this image based on a bunch of old convention sketches I did: http://www.flickr.com/photos/radiomaru/sets/72157605757691660/

These were mostly 15-minute sketches from Heroes Con 2008. (The Wallace pic was from something else.) Since then, i’ve seen fanart OF this pic. I didn’t put it together. It’s cute though. Thanks, fan.

Scott Pilgrim Color Hardcover release plan:

vol 3- May 22, 2013
vol 4- late 2013
vol 5- early 2014
vol 6- late 2014

Note: The limited edition versions of volume 3 will debut at TCAF a few weeks before the book is in stores. That is, the Evil Edition and the Collector’s Edition. I don’t think we’ll have the regular edition at TCAF.

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game
Wallace Wells + Online Play DLC

It’s finally coming…

PSN (North America): Tuesday
PSN (Europe): Wednesday
XBLA (worldwide): Wednesday

It looks like it’s $4.99 USD on PSN and I don’t know what that translates to in xbox points.


Q: Why did they make DLC for this game over 2 years later?
A: i have no idea ha ha

Q: Why didn’t the game have online play to begin with?
A: It was a planned feature, but the budget was cut a few months into the project and online play was one of the features that had to be removed in order to finish the rest of the game. (There was lots of other stuff too… it was a bigger game. But that’s a story for another day.)

Alright, have fun, and maybe we’ll play together soon!

[Disclaimer: I didn’t set the price for this, nor do I actually get paid for videogame sales, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. I will be paying for it myself :p]

thecatseyelashes asked:

Why is Wallace's last name 'Weldon' on the apartment mailbox in book 1?

His name was originally Wallace Weldon. I guess I wanted to insinuate that he was related to the character Dave Weldon from my earlier book “Lost At Sea”? Anyway, I changed my mind and named him Wallace Wells obviously but I forgot to fix that one occurrence of Weldon on the mailbox and I decided to leave it that way as a weird Easter egg. It’s been changed in the color editions, though.

"Weldon" is the name of the main campus library at Western (London, Ontario) where I went to university for a little bit before dropping out of classes and bumming around working in their library system.